Bloom Thyme Friday: An Unexpected Treasure

As you must already know my life’s greatest garden treasure is Mr. G. who is the very best at supporting my garden obsession. One of the reasons he is so good at this — his grandmother was a gardener who loved the same style and many of the same plants as me — Our garden reminds him of the special times he had walking in his grandmothers garden, hearing her talk about the plants she loved and helping her when needed.

I so wish I could have seen her garden – more specifically, her in her garden and hear the garden stories. I did meet her and she was lovely, but not gardening at that time. well, not outside, but she did have a vast collection of house plants — something I am well on my way to having too. 🙄

I also had hoped to see pictures of her garden, but through the years none surfaced.

Until last weekend.

Greg’s mother passed away last November, she was lovely too and enjoyed flowers but she was an inside girl.

This past weekend we were doing that task that all of us hate, going through our loved ones possessions. But, like most of you know too, you so often uncover treasures. Unexpected treasures.

Here was mine.

Though the picture is black and while and faded – I can SEE a good portion of her garden and HER in the garden. And, YES, she did garden in dresses and stacked high heels Mr. G tells me. Much different than my cargo pants, bogs, t shirt and often a very handy garden apron. Thank you Mamaw Levis for preparing him well to love our garden too. I still wish we could have strolled in our gardens together in the mornings with our coffee in hand. She loved her coffee too!

And then there is this iris…

A treasure I have in my garden is a fragrant iris that she had in her garden and my mother-in-law had too. I actually see iris foliage in the garden picture above. Could it be the same one…

Treasures INDEED.


For now the torrential downpours have subsided and the HEAT is soaring. We are hoping the sky hasn’t forgotten how to rain. … it was VERY good at it for a few weeks.

Glad we have long garden hoses!

Here’s some of this week’s bloomers…

I suspect we have the spring rains to thank for our fluffy Annabelle border.

Many of the Clematis still going strong…

First blooms of Papi Delbard rose. My good friend Paul Zimmerman did not over sell this rose! Thanks Paul.

Bokay for my kitchen…
Another bokay to share…


What’s blooming in your neck of the woods?

I hope you are surrounded by treasures.

8 thoughts on “Bloom Thyme Friday: An Unexpected Treasure

  1. Beautiful! The flowers and the memories

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  2. Thank you for sharing your lovely garden and treasured memories. I’ve been procrastinating doing the sorting you are doing now. Maybe the hope of finding a treasure like yours will inspire me to begin.

  3. What a wonderful discovery! Truly a special surprise to find that lovely photo. Your garden is so far ahead of mine. We had such a dreary, cool & rainy June it’s almost like the plants forgot they had to grow. Your clematis is stunning as are your Hydrangea, Happy Summer and perhaps you should try gardening in a skirt & heels to experience what it must have been like! 🙂

  4. Oh, the iris! My first and favorite iris came from my maternal-maternal great grandmother. She probably got it from her mother in law but no one really knows. I have been growing it and sharing it with friends and neighbors since I was a kid. I only recently learned that it was Iris pallida, which was commonly grown a long time ago for orris root. That would make since, since my great grandmother did not grow many plants that were not useful for more than looking pretty. My great niece now enjoys the garden with my mother, her great grandmother, and digs and divides the same iris that her great-great-great grandmother grew,

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