Bloom Thyme Friday: Patience is a Virtue

Yes, patience is a virtue… they say.

And this season as gardeners we have needed all the patience we can get as we deal with weather conditions. Weather dictates most everything we do.

As I write a gentle rain is falling, it looks and sounds beautiful. The birds are loving it but I’m practicing patience as I wait on sunshine. Much of the garden is sitting in water and rain predicted for all day tomorrow too. 😏 We gardeners surely do hate to complain about rain. However…  GULP! GULP!

We are coming out of a very cold, dreary period … it has actually set records for lack of sunshine and for lowest temps. Funny thing about that, England is having their sunniest spring on record. I think I have their answer … my daughter is there. She always brings sunshine to my life.

We NEED a bit of sunshine. Our spirits need it. Our plants need it. Work on my new outdoor potting space needs it. My Sweet Bay Magnolias especially need it.


We have three SB Magnolias and love them. Last year at this time they were leafing out so beautifully and getting ready to bloom. The freeze we experienced a couple of weeks ago nipped them good. All baby leaves turned black. We feared the worst. But, this week with the warming temps, we now see leaves! Whew, that was close. Can’t imagine losing them.


The warm temps are sure paying off… blooms (and veggies) are popping all over the garden!

Caution: Excessive images coming. Hope you like pink and purple.😳

Pretty little purple pincushions holding their own amoung all the green. (Scabiosa)

Oh, Sweet William how sweet you are![/caption
Baptisia getting started. Easy, Breezy, Beautiful.
May Night Salvia can’t be stopped. Power bloomer.
Not sure of the variety, but these alliums brought their “A” game this spring!
The President clematis has been bringing joy to my garden for years and years. It is usually the first of my clematis to bloom.


Click on any picture to open the gallery feature.


Click on individual pics for additional information on varieties, etc.


So many roses are loaded with bud and just ready to burst!

Petit Pink is covered in buds!
Peggy Martin is ready to be glorious.

And some ROSES are reaching their peak…

Midnight in Paris growing in a container on my deck.

Below is Ghislaine de Feligonde reaching for the sky over the Potting Shed.

She looks like she’s enjoying today’s gentle rain.

Ghislaine de Feligonde… this old-fashioned rambler forms a large shrub with few thorns. Fragrant bloom clusters open apricot, aging to pale yellow. Occasional repeat bloom. Canes can reach 6 to 10 feet. (Taken from High Country Roses website where I bought her 3 years ago.)


If you need a rainy or sunny day activity … I think you will enjoy my recent interview with Mike Shoup of the Antique Rose Emporium. His talks should come with a warning, he makes it hard not to fall in love (or deeper in love) with roses — plants he calls THE ULTIMATE GARDEN PLANT. And, he uses them so beautifully. You can listen HERE.


Friends, spring is happening! Until next time be well, be safe, and be happy in the garden.

If you are local keep an umbrella handy too. 😉 ☔️

6 thoughts on “Bloom Thyme Friday: Patience is a Virtue

  1. I live in southern Louisiana (grew up in New Albany, Indiana) and have a trellis going up the north side of our barn. I have Confederate jasmine growing on it which is doing well but would love to add some color. Trouble is that the area gets only early morning filtered sunlight. It’s under a lovely oak tree. Any suggestions for what I might get to grow there? Many thanks. Liz Taurman

    1. Hello Liz, Most roses that are considered shade tolerant would need more than your space has most likely. I have a Major Wheeler Honeysuckle that is growing up a tree. The color is great and the hummingbirds love it. Take a look at some pictures and see what you think. I’ve been to New Albany… a quaint and pretty town. Thanks for stopping by! Happy Gardening!

  2. I am thrilled to see all of your beautiful flowers and roses in bloom and to read about them. Thank you so much! I do love that utterly beautiful rose, Midnight in Paris. My husband has been to Paris regarding his work, and he had a colleague that could speak French fluently, so he also went as his interpreter. Your rose could have been called Evening in Paris (an old cologne in a Royal Blue bottle). Maybe your mother had a bottle of it. We, too, had thunderstorms and heavy rain today, and they could have been from Tropical Storm Bertha. We though have had gorgeous weather here in VA, and we have enjoyed being outdoors and gardening. Your garden is so neat and tidy. Everything looks so healthy and thriving.

  3. I listened to Mike Shoup’s presentation on Old Garden Roses and their fragrances. He gave meaning to fragrances, and how one would remember the fragrance years later (no film in the camera) of Old Garden Roses. I have a Mister Lincoln, and that is the most fragrant rose perfume in the petals ever. I love smelling it. I wish there were more roses that had fragrance. I do have the Savannah Sunbelt Pink Rose that does have a wonderful fragrance. It smells like a lovely talc or powder to me. I really enjoying smelling it, and the roses are beautiful. Enjoyed seeing your posted photos of your flowers and vegetables also. Thank you again so much! Do you know of other roses that have a lot of fragrance like the Mister Lincoln has?

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