Bloom Thyme Friday: Bringing The Sunshine In

Yellow in the garden is sometimes controversial. I have had people tell me that they hate yellow in the garden! And some people love it.


Julia Child

I’ve heard that yellow floral arrangements symbolize new beginnings, happiness and friendship.

Yellow roses stand for joy and happiness, but most of all yellow roses mean friendship.

Last year I lost a wonderful friend and mentor who loved yellow roses. When I see yellow roses, I think of her. Her favorite was Lowell Thomas. Lowell Thomas is not hardy in my zone, but I grow other yellow roses, like Julia Child,  Gold Medal and Harison’s Yellow. When I see yellow roses, I think of her.

As for me, I love yellow in the garden–it “brings the sunshine in.”

3 thoughts on “Bloom Thyme Friday: Bringing The Sunshine In

  1. If I have a favorite color its yellow. I love the rudbeckias of all kinds and I like to mix them with purples either at their feet or growing through them……I’m white rose fan at heart though and mostly grow those but I got one yellow old fashioned “Isabella Sprunt”…..a pale yellow rose that keeps putting on blooms all summer long and has a nice fragrance…….and like you I think yellow brings the sunshine in too…….:)

  2. Your garden is beautiful and your roses are magnificent!! Your garden is a labor of love and it is a treat to enjoy it through your photos!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

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