A Rose A Day: Blanc Double De Coubert

Blanc Double de Corbert is large Rugosa rose that has been around since 1892. This rose has pure white large double flowers with a very lovely fragrance. And, this year I had the pleasure of watching these blooms stand firm even in torrential downpours! The picture below was taken after one of the many “downpours”!

photo 1-8 photo 2-10
Like all rugosas, this rose is tough, hardy, fragrant and naturally disease resistant. And, a good repeat bloomer for me.

5 thoughts on “A Rose A Day: Blanc Double De Coubert

  1. I was ripped off then I had a rose that was supposed to be a blanc double de coubert and it was beatiful except the flowers hate water and would turn brown after the rains, yuck, so much for these cheapy garden centers. now I stick to the companies that specialize in high quality plants a bit more pricy oh but so worth it.

  2. I love mine. I am a novice in CT and am wondering if early in the season after the first bloom I should remove only the spent blooms to keep the garden tidy or if I should also remove the hips so as to encourage re blooming later in mid summer? I believe that in late summer I should not remove the hip (the bulb below the flower?) if I want to maintain it for winter interest. Please reply Thank you

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