Bloom Thyme Friday: A quick look back

This week as I was putting the finishing touches on some upcoming presentations for local garden clubs, I found myself going back and forth through all my pictures to find just the right ones to use. Currently I have over 13,000 on my iPhone! 😳 Going through pictures is not an easy task but very rewarding!

I saw so many garden pictures that I fell in love with all over again and thought you might like to take a look back with me. Maybe remembering warmer days will make these bitter cold days we are having a little warmer too!

A rainy May gave way to some beautiful, if soggy, blooms of Francis E. Lester Rose. I love how when you look through this arbor you see the open gate across the garden. Sometimes it just works and this time it did.


The reblooming Bloomerang Lilac had a stellar spring and as advertised, bloomed off and on throughout the season. A reblooming lilac has been something gardeners dreamed off. Thanks Proven Winners!


Then there was rose pruning season. Time to get started in the garden. GRATEFUL for a large cart that hooks up to the tractor.


Saying goodbye to the boots. #jobwelldone


I had forgotten about the sweet little cosmos germinating! FAV!


Then there was the Mar/Apr American Rose Magazine that featured my garden–A Gardener and Her Tidy Mess. THANK YOU ARS!


And, oh yea, the boot “situation”. #drama 😱  but I LOVE my new boots. You can read about that here


This daylily though. I have to look up the name. It was spectacular.

Way to go wind, rugosas and birds  — creating a special moment in the garden!

A bokay to share. #myfavforsure

Yes, I loved looking back, but am totally excited that spring will be here in 59 days. I just bet you are excited about that too! If you had to choose one favorite garden memory of 2017, what would it be? I’d love to hear!

Happy Bloom Thyme Friday!

5 thoughts on “Bloom Thyme Friday: A quick look back

  1. I always love seeing photos of your garden Teresa, it is like a wonderland to me!
    If I had to pick one favourite garden memory from 2017 it would be this. We had a rose grafting demonstration at one of our rose society meetings and we got take one of the roses home. Mine was David Austin’s The Prioress. And to wait for that little graft to put out leaves and grow strong and then flower, well that was just the most exciting thing ever. I know that rose is going to hold a special place in my heart always as I feel like I have witnessed a miracle!

  2. My favorite memory for 2017 memory is bittersweet. I helped my friend plant his last tomato garden . He was very ill, but determined,& thru the summer we watered & weeded the garden together. He had a bumper crop & it seemed every conversation started with ‘Do you need any tomatoes” Perhaps favorite is not the word to use but working with him in
    his garden & sitting in the shade drinking iced tea afterwards for me is memorable.

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