I am always late to the fall party … spend too much time pouting about the end of the growing season. But, I do eventually get there! And usually, it is just in time for the first snow which we had this week. Fresh snowfall refreshes the soul and makes everything look enchanting.


When the sun is shining and I’m in the garden I forget what’s to come and just enjoy being there. There’s much to do. I am now on day three of trimming roses. It takes a while because I can never stay on one task. I am a garden project hopper.

I am also adding sulfur to the beds. A soil test revealed my pH was high and it was recommended I add sulfur. The lab I used for the soil test was A & L Great Lakes Labs. LINK HERE

The final fall task will be to rake up debris from some of the beds and add a layer of shredded leaves which we have in abundance this year thanks to our neighbor who is treating all the neighbors on our street by “mowing” and shredding the leaves from their yards! So, they are literally being shredded and bagged for me! So grateful as typically we have to buy mulch!


I love bulbs and have quite a few but I try to resist planting too many as the foliage they leave behind for such a long, long, long time tends to get in the way of the beauty of my spring “fireworks and fragrance” stage when the old garden roses start doing their thing! They take center stage and the bulbs get a nip in their life cycle if you know what I mean.

This year it was harder than ever to resist buying hundreds of bulbs I can tell you! I am following several people on Instagram that are naturalizing bulbs and they made it so tempting.

But I stayed fairly strong and only planted a few additional bulbs. It was great to get them in the ground and dream of when they will emerge doing their very popular jobs — adding beauty to the end of winter and shouting to the world that spring is coming! For the first time, I also planted a few bulbs in a container on the patio to see how well they will do. 


One of the very best things about fall is fall food. It is synonymous with comfort food. So far we have had several favorites… Zuppa Toscana, Chicken Pot Pie, and Chicken Noodle Soup! What food says fall to you?

I also made several batches of caramel dip to share. It is way too good to keep around too long so it must be shared! If you are interested, you can find the recipe HERE.  The next treat to share will be Grandma B’s Fruit Cake Cookies. I know. I know. You’re thinking you wouldn’t like them but I’m telling you, they are not only traditional, they are good! Especially if you add extra coconut! Go ahead, give them a try. Recipe HERE


Let’s talk about my orchid!

I have tried orchids several times in the past and while I enjoy them so much, I could never get a robust rebloom. That story has now changed. At the Awards Banquet for the Indianapolis Rose Society in December  2019, I was given a lovely orchid as a gift for serving as President. 

This year the beautiful orchid came back to life in January sending up 2 strong bloom “spikes.” By February it was blooming and it finished blooming in August! It was glorious! Now it is going again!

In this picture taken yesterday, you can see that the Amaryllis is clearly saying “this is my time to shine” and the Orchid is clearly saying “hold my beer.”  😳😆 They both will be bringing me immense pleasure very soon!


Want to know my orchid secret? I have a good friend who is a master at growing orchids. The most amazing orchids I have ever seen. He gave me some simple advice and that is what I do. Water every week with soluble orchid fertilizer. Amount? One jigger full of the fertilized water. It works.


Here are a few pictures from that Indianapolis Rose Society Banquet. Such a beautiful evening together with rose friends. Little did we know how different things would be in a few short months and it would be the last of such events for a good long while.  I so look forward to having them again.


Last week I chatted with Carrie and Joe Bergs about winter rose care where it gets very cold but we talked about so much MORE than just winter rose care. We talked about roses they love, their hobby of exhibiting roses, mentoring others in their area, and the work they are doing for local societies and the American Rose Society. Joe and Carrie enjoy every aspect of growing roses – a lovely rose power couple. LISTEN HERE

Carrie did a previous Rose Chat podcast, “My Favorite Pink Ladies” where she shares about her favorite old garden roses. Listen HERE


It is almost time for the best part of fall … Thanksgiving! A time to count our blessings and enjoy special moments and yummy food with those we love. We’ve learned that holidays can look very different but I’m so impressed with how we have learned to find new ways to celebrate and share. Wishing you a very special week.

Friends, when I count my blessings, I certainly count you. It is wonderful to have a community of like-minded friends who share my love of gardening and roses. Thank you.


  1. Hi! It probably mistaken, but I thought you lived in Indians. I’m in southwest Ohio and I’ve been told not to do any rose pruning after Columbus Day, so they will start to go dormant for winter. Were you talking about just trimming off dead rose canes or do you actually cut your’s back this time of year? Thanks !

  2. Snow was threatened here in Greenfield, Massachusetts, but all we got in the end was a heavy frost. Now the weather is having fun – and it is not very cold – today. I think my garden is just about finished for the year.

  3. Just enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your beautiful pics of your first snowfall. Here in VA we still have NOT even had our first frost. That is okay with me though as I still have roses and other flowers in bloom. And it is always sunny and plenty of sunshine even in winter. I live in Newport News, VA (where they build all of these BIG ships, aircraft carriers, submarines, etc.). The President of the shipyard is a woman. How about that! Our city has over 190,000 residents and so very much to offer its citizens. We are very progressive and diverse. Of course, Williamsburg, VA, is closeby, and Yorktown, VA (Revolutionary War) is also. The weather is great for gardening all year round. My Noel camellia is now in bloom, and I’ve planted lots of pansies which are so pretty. I can still enjoy my coffee outdoors in the am and watch the birds and enjoy my backyard which has become our vacation spot. This am was a bit chilly though but still sunny. I have gotten planted all of my spring blooming bulbs which will be so very beautiful come springtime. Lots of daffodils! I made your dip, and it is the BEST! Thank you! My former neighbor grew orchids, and she had so many of them. I recently saw pink orchids at Lowe’s. Apple pie, pumpkin bread or muffins, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie says Fall to me. Happy Thanksgiving Day to you and yours! I want to try your fruitcake cookie recipe although I have already purchased two of the Claxton’s for Christmas. Btw, did I tell you that I made tomato preserves for Christmas using fresh ginger and lemon in the mixture. I froze what I made. I’ll serve them on a toasted English McMuffin. Be safe and stay well.

  4. Your photos make me smile every Friday! Yes, snow in November in Cincinnati too when you got yours in Indy, but just a very light dusting here. The Greater Cincinnati Rose Association sends you Thanksgiving greetings. You know we will be in touch. Stay warm and well Teresa and Mr. G.

  5. I am hungry when you started to talk about fall food I am like yummy sounding, I was wondering if you know what kind of tree in the second snowy picture it is in the foreground. seems late to being have leaves no? I cry the end of the season too I hate the cold.

  6. T, between our phone chats and your blog, I am so inspired! Your endless energy seeps into every word, and stays in the heart. It always helps to have support through insect attacks and hot steamy summers. With cold temps here in central VA today (23F) I am so happy to see the gardens go to sleep. Still more projects out there, but with cool temps, no biting insects, and much bird song, we gardeners shall prevail.
    Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels. Tons of hugs in your future. 😉

    Tomorrow I am roasting cranberries with cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and orange rind. This is a year’s old recipe from Saveur, yet one food client wanted a twist on the usual cranberry sauce. Sound good?

    How many readers here think it is time for T to begin a YouTube Channel??? You could give Monty Don and Bunny Guinness a run for their audience. XX

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